How It Works

With Spyfone you can track app usage, monitor calls and messages, and download photos or videos from the device.
Let's see how it works!

STEP 1 - Buy The App

Visit the Order Page to get the app, or click the BUY NOW button below:


STEP 2 - Install The App

You'll be immediately e-mailed a receipt with your registration code after the order is finished. You also receive log in and password for your personal SpyFone account as well as the licence code. There you will find guidelines on how to get the App.

Once the app is downloaded you can run the installation procedure. It takes less than a minute!

STEP 3 - Configure The App

Once you installed the app on the phone, open it and type the license code and choose which activity you want to track and then select the option to begin tracking.

STEP 4 - Log in to View Activities

The application will start to work in a stealth mode right after installation. It will still stay active even in the event the SpyFone target phone is turned off for some time. All the logs will be uploaded once phone gets Internet connection.

You can login to your personal SpyFone account to review the info. Tracking Features are categorized in the log entries located on the left side.

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