Frequently Asked Questions

Spyfone is a phone monitoring software program that can be installed on a phone, computer, or tablet to monitor and record all actions on the device. The software records all phone activities.
You can use SpyFone for any legal reason. Some parents use phone monitoring software to monitor their children’s phone activity, for example. Others use phone monitoring software to track a spouse, friend, or elderly relative.
To install SpyFone, you’ll need physical access to the targeted smartphone. Download and install the SpyFone software onto your PC or Mac. Then, connect the targeted smartphone to your computer using the ordinary USB cable. Then, run the software’s installation process to install SpyFone.
You can only install SpyFone on one device per each license purchase. However, you’re free to deactivate and move the license to another device as many times as you like. There’s no limit on the number of device transfers for each subscription.
You can choose whether or not SpyFone is visible on the target device. If you want the software to be invisible, then you can completely hide the icon and the app’s activity. If you want the software to be visible, then you can display an icon in the notification shade.
SpyFone is legal to use on your own smartphone or any other electronic device you personally own. If you plan to install SpyFone on somebody else’s smartphone, tablet, or computer, then you’ll need the explicit permission and awareness of the owner of that device.
No, SpyFone will not automatically renew your software subscription once it expires. You must renew your subscription manually yourself if you want to continue using our software. We will not charge your credit card or any other payment method without your explicit consent.
All SpyFone upgrades can be performed remotely. There’s no need to reinstall the software to upgrade your subscription.
We like to think we have a generous refund policy. We offer a no-questions-asked refund to all customers who request it.
If you buy our software with a pre-planned chargeback in mind, then please note that this is a form of fraud and your case will be prosecuted accordingly. Please work through our existing refund system if you want to request a refund on our phone monitoring software.
We permanently and automatically delete all customer data from our servers every 90 days. We take pride in maintaining a strict attitude towards customer privacy and data security. We encourage our customers to contact our support team if they have any questions about data security and privacy.
Check our website at for any available discounts or promo codes. At our software development company, we strive to keep overhead costs low, and the price you see on our website today is the lowest available price for our phone monitoring software.
In most cases, you’ll need to jailbreak your iOS device before installing phone monitoring software, including SpyFone. However, SpyFone is one of the few phone monitoring software programs that also offers a non-jailbreak option to iPhone users. Android users have a similar experience: SpyFone works great on non-rooted Android devices. However, certain advanced features may be available on rooted Android versions.
We offer an express jailbreaking and rooting service that will safely unlock your device. Contact our support team to discover how we can root or jailbreak your mobile device at a cheap price.
If you have any additional questions about SpyFone, our company, or how to use our software, then we encourage you to contact our customer support team. Our friendly customer service personnel are available by phone, email, and live online chat. Alternatively, you can issue a support ticket via our online support center.